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Catherine Aiello

Textiles and Printmaking


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art by somerville artist Catherine  Aiello titled  Move Over (detail from Road Trip Sketchbook)
Move Over (detail from Road Trip Sketchbook) ink and watercolor 4" x 10"

Artist's Statement

I use drawing, printmaking and textiles to find ways to connect with the people and environment around me. Sometimes this means reacting to a space or experience, externalizing my perception or questions about it, making what is invisible seen. I I believe one of the roles of artists is to draw attention to and make beauty out of the mundane, overlooked and sometimes unattractive aspects of our spaces and selves; to invest our care, our handwork, our emotional and creative labor in unexpected places, transforming them in ways that prompt response and reflection. My works become places for feelings, thoughts and experiences (whether my own or others) to reside and to confront us.

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