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Maggie Cedarstrom

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art by somerville artistMaggieCedarstrom titledUntitled/Prayer
Untitled/Prayer Oil on Board 22" x 22"
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Artist's Statement

My work is an exploration of the body’s expressive and constructive capabilities. I use images of my own body to demonstrate how flesh and muscle hold emotional processes such as grief, exhaustion, resilience and lonliness. I sometimes use domestic objects and spaces, patterns and floral motifs to give my figures context and projection. The private domestic space is where I place most of my figures in order to give a sense of intimacy and physical proximity.

The female body is arguably the most heavily burdened of archetypes. My figure paintings are an attempt at the humanization of the female form, to see a woman's body as a real and tangible presence with a complex story rather than an oversimplified idea that serves others. Using my own body as the central figure allows me to be as honest as possible and to tell a full story, since I am the one living it.

I also make woodcuts, water-media drawings and pen-and-ink illustrations. My other visual interests are plants, food-based consumer objects (like beer cans and food labels) and landscapes.

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