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Cara Foster Karim

Newspaper collage landscapes


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art by somerville artist Cara  Foster Karim titled  Sam's Falafel
Sam's Falafel Newspaper, mixed media 16 by 20

Artist's Statement

I am currently working on a series of mixed media newspaper collage paintings celebrating neighborhoods near me, including local small business storefronts, which feels extra meaningful during this pandemic which has been so hard on small businesses and especially restuarants. In my art I use newspapers printed in a variety of languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Bengali, Turkish, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, as a way to allude to the immigrant communities that are a part of my neighborhood and who have in many cases literally built and shaped the urban environment by starting the restaurants and other small businesses that I use as subject matter. The built environment of our cities and neighborhoods are textured and layered with meaning, as are my collages. I hope to suggest a new way of seeing the world, through celebrating the beauty of everyday and places, and the human beings those places represent.

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