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Meghan Bailey

Painting, and mixed media

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art by somerville artistMeghanBailey titledLooking Through Series
Looking Through Series gouache on paper, 2020 2 x 2 inches
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Artist's Statement

I am interested in transposing and subverting traditional gender roles embedded in the tools and machines developed for suburban and domestic life of circa 1970-1989. Objects like lawnmower engines and kitchen implements are transformed through multiple reiterations using photography, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. The mechanical objects and tools becomes further abstracted, yet not quite losing the connection with the original object. This connection allows me to make idiosyncratic forms and gestures providing a basis for an inventive language that maintains an observed connection to the world.

Form and shape behave in a way it is not supposed to behave while offering a sense that something is off. Objects fall, shift, transform, and destabilize while pattern moves in and out of space. Remaking the original form and decorating it through pattern and color destabilize function and categories of meaning. Bright colors add humor and mask anxious, falling objects. Layers of transparency and line both articulate shape and form while creating windows inside of images. The machine provides me with unique outlines and shapes adding to a visual vocabulary that drives subversion and the element of surprise. My artwork portrays a snapshot of a larger world, a sense of a glimpse into a window when driving at night, offering a way of looking, a way of seeing an abstract world that is both identifiable and unstable.

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