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Winter Hill Jewelry

Vanessa Templeman

unique 3D printed earrings

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art by somerville artistVanessaTempleman titledBlueberry Earrings
Blueberry Earrings
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Artist's Statement

Vanessa Templeman is the owner of Winter Hill Jewelry. She creates lightweight, affordable and unique jewelry by 3D printing designs that are first hand-drawn. Hand-drawn designs are manipulated in a 3D modeling program and then 3D printed in PLA, an environmentally friendly plant-based plastic made from sugarcane and corn. Winter Hill Jewelry is on a mission to sprinkle a little joy and happiness in people's lives through  one-of-a-kind, 3D printed earrings.  Whether you choose a funky banana or earring or geometric shape, Winter Hill Jewelry will make sure you stand out in a crowd. 

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