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Elizabeth Thach

painting, sculpture,textiles

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art by somerville artist   Elizabeth Thach titled  untitled (after Anni Albers)
untitled (after Anni Albers) crocheted wool 13" x 11"

Artist's Statement

My work is focused on material culture. Using humor and metaphor, I explore how humans interact emotionally with an objective external world: the objects they surround themselves with, the art objects they create, and the commodity objects they consume. I am also interested in how humans use language and poetry to describe the intangible (feelings, aspirations, the future).

My imagery is informed both by futurist speculation and past (experienced) visual motifs: the video games of the 80s and 90’s, the patterns of the archeological artifact, and Greek and roman ruins. Re-occurring themes include the idea the art object as a stage, or alternately, as a fragment of something larger or a ruin. Always, I seek images that are as simple and obvious as they are strangely incoherent.

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