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Glass Paper Scissors

Functional Art Glass


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art by somerville artist   Glass Paper Scissors titled  Monstera Bowl
Monstera Bowl Glass powder and glass kiln formed 12"x12”x3”

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Artist's Statement

I am Kolika. Glass artist + designer from Teele Sq Somerville. I make wearable + functional glass art, primarily kiln-formed, occasionally stained glass and if whims allow then, mosaics.
Whatever the media, my aesthetics are fluid and Nature inspired, often abstract, an ode to the materials themselves. My designs look great with bohemian decor. They also click well with midcentury furnishings. Minimalist modern is always a good setting. But my designs look and feel their greatest in rooms that are filled with laughter and friends. 

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Enjoy the Open Studios weekend and may you find genuine art that speaks to you.

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