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Kanch by Kolika

Kolika C.

Functional Art Glass


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art by somerville artist Kolika  C. titled  Monstera Bowl
Monstera Bowl Glass powder and glass kiln formed 12"x12”x3”
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2022 Events

  • In Person 2022 (April 30 + May 1, 12-6pm)
    Arts at the Armory
    191 Highland Avenue Accessible Location Accessible (self reported)

    Map # 40
  • Small Works Show (April 29 - May 9, 2022)
        Bow Market

Artist's Statement

I am Kolika. Glass artist + designer from Teele Sq Somerville. I make wearable + functional glass art, primarily kiln-formed, occasionally stained glass and if whims allow then, mosaics.
Whatever the media, my aesthetics are fluid and Nature-inspired, often abstract, an ode to the materials themselves. My designs look great with bohemian decor. They also click well with midcentury furnishings. Minimalist modern is always a good setting. But my designs look and feel their greatest in rooms that are filled with laughter and friends. 

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Enjoy the Open Studios weekend and may you find genuine art that speaks to you.

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