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Bethany Noel Art

Bethany Noel Murray

Migraines & Nature

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art by somerville artistBethany NoelMurray titledNorthern Kingdom
Northern Kingdom Acrylic 48" x 48"
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Artist's Statement

My paintings are a rendering of how I see nature through the lens of my chronic migraines and ocular aura. Migraine symptoms, such as ocular aura, distort how I see the world--  it is more intense, more alien, more saturated. My work is about choosing hope despite my constant companion of pain and giving visibility to my invisible disease. I feature the mundanity of a bit of brush and tree bark as the kaleidoscopic wonder it truly is. My brushwork and color choice aims to recreate the ocular aura and spatial distortion I experience with migraines by mimicking that fracturing and perspective collapse in the leaves, brush, and bark of my forests. 

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