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Beads Without End

Kathryn Black

Crocheted bead jewelry


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art by somerville artistKathrynBlack titledRed to yellow short chevrons bracelet
Red to yellow short chevrons bracelet beads & thread
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Artist's Statement

I am a retired chemical engineer, licensed historic trolley operator (Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, Washington, PA), and practicing professional genealogist, who inherited the handwork gene from both sides of my family. When I met Martha Forsyth and Pat Iverson in 1995, my lifelong affinity for shiny things instantly drew me to their crocheted beadwork, and they taught me how to do it. About a year later I joined the Beads Without End cooperative, and the three of us have been encouraging, pushing and supporting each other ever since. My beadwork is featured in Carol Wilcox Wells' "The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving", and Lark's "500 Beaded Objects".

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