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R. S. Buchanan

B&W photographic prints

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art by somerville artist R. S.  Buchanan titled  Tulip, solo
Tulip, solo Silver gelatin photographic print 11x14


Artist's Statement

I use traditional equipment and techniques to try to produce photographs that straddle a line between an old-fashioned aesthetic and a modern take on subject choice and composition. Photographs are mostly taken using vintage medium- and large-format camera equipment, primarily a Hasselblad 500C (1970) and a Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5" press camera (1952), and a Kodak Empire State No. 2 8x10" view camera (c.1910). All prints are made on fibre-based silver gelatin paper using traditional black and white chemistry and methods. When I use toners, I prefer sepia for its archival stability and classic aesthetic. None of my photos on offer at Somerville Open Studios 2015 have gone through any intermediate digital processing.

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