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Litz Brown

Functional ceramics

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art by somerville artist Litz  Brown titled  The White Series
The White Series Brown stoneware, cone 10 various
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2022 Events

  • In Person 2022 (April 30 + May 1, 12-6pm)
    15 Brastow Avenue 2   [Not reported as Accessible]
    Map # 38

Artist's Statement

I make functional ceramic pieces that celebrate "form and function" and the domestic everyday life we live. For me, the way a mug touches my lips is a chance to explore the boundaries of my self and the material world: where I begin, where the mug ends, how those perceptions change over time. The mundane nature of functional pieces speaks of our need to enter the world through the domestic, the kitchen, the home. It is those objects that we rarely think about, and often take for granted, that afford a renewable joy in their everyday use.

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