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Elizabeth Flemings


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art by somerville artist Elizabeth  Flemings titled  Reflections 1
Reflections 1 Painting, Acrylic 9" x 12"

Collage Painting Printmaking

Artist's Statement

In this year of the pandemic, I am suddenly faced with learning new ways of printmaking without a press.  In many ways it is the same, the same process of making an image on a plate and printing the image on a piece of paper; the same excitement of lifting the piece of paper to see what it will look like; the same question of whether you have gotten the inking right and whether the colors work.  But without a press, it is different.  Intaglio techniques such as solar etching and dry point do not work without a press.  Instead I have turned to various methods of relief printing which are new to me: such as transfer printing and linocut.  In a year when the our lives have changed so dramaticallly, finding a way to pursue my artistic goals has been a saving grace.  I can still say there it is - my creation - something new and different. It has a life of its own and has lead me down new paths of exploration.

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