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annie silverman

woodcut and mixed media prints

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art by somerville artistanniesilverman titledIn the bower
In the bower multiple plate woodcut print with collage 18" x 25"
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Artist's Statement

I have been a relief printmaker and book artist for over 20 years, and work primarily with woodblock and mixed media printmaking techniques. My print shop, ABRAZOS PRESS, ( is a teaching facility as well as a professional print shop for projects and studio work. In this digital age I am of the "sacred order of the hand",and  the pleasure of carving wood, taking the time it takes and feeling connected to carvers and printers down through the ages makes me proud of my craft. My imagery is often quirky, colorful, and has been exhibited nationally and internationally,most recently in Venice , Italy ,Holland, Japan and Worcester, MA.  In print media , my work has recently  been  published in THE HAND MAGAZINE, and PRESSING MATTERS magazine.

In December 2022 I published a limited edition soft cover book The Wood Block Index 1999-2021, which is a 130 page compilation of 130 black and white prints from blocks I have carved . the book was designed by John Kramer and photographed by Julia Featheringill. Copies will be available during OPEN STUDIOS.

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