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Chie Yasuda

watercolor with mixed media

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art by somerville artistChieYasuda titledLove forever
Love forever watercolor with mixed media
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Artist's Statement

Chie Yasuda studied art in her childhood and early adulthood in her home country of Japan before ultimately moving to the United States to pursue her art. In particular, she enjoyed the work of Georgia O’Keefe, and she moved to the legendary watercolorist’s desert hometown of New Mexico in 2002. There, she studied art at the University of New Mexico and received her Bachelors in 2007. In 2009, she moved to Somerville, MA with her husband who is a classical guitarist with the New England Conservatory. She currently studies Children’s Book Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I have LOVED creating WATERCOLOR illustrations since I was young. I am a self-taught watercolor artist who likes to use many different colors in my art. My illustration is fantasy-like, however it is based on my life experience and what I have learned through studying many books. I believe that each individual has unique seeds of joy inside them. Everyone has the power within to create happiness for themselves and others.

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