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Jane Sherrill

Landscape paintings, drawings

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art by somerville artist Jane  Sherrill titled  Thicket
Thicket Acrylic on wood panel 30" X 40"

2021 Events

  • the art house in Powderhouse Square (May 1-30)
        862 Broadway, PowderHouse Circle
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Artist's Statement

Jane Sherrill is best known for her dramatic landscape paintings that celebrate our natural world and remind us of what we will lose as a result of climate change. In her most recent series, she creates an installation of tall trees called “Forest.” To build these “trees” Sherrill uses a multiple of media such as acrylic on wood panel, Yupo, rag paper, Dura-lar and collage including branches and other non-traditional materials. Sherrill says of her work, “I’ve been thinking of the tree as a form of Noah's Ark because it carries and sustains so many life forms, including our own.”

This past year during the coronavirus stay-at-home orders, Sherrill turned to drawing using black pen, pencils and erasers to trace aspects of her home on layered sheets of translucent Dura-lar. She calls this new series maps or compressed histories.

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