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Jackie Miller

Etchings, woodcuts, drawings


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art by somerville artistJackieMiller titledBald Self Portrsit
Bald Self Portrsit Etching
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Artist's Statement

I've been doing prints at Mixit Print Studio for I guess more than 25 years. At first I did etchings and woodcuts based on the bizarre creatures in my Victoria's Secret catalogs. After awhile I started having some mysterious medical issues, which were eventually diagnosed as kidney failure caused by a rare disease called amyloidosis, and my subject matter changed accordingly. The horrors of dialysis; the apparent belief on the part of some medical professionals that their only goal was to keep me breathing in and out, and that any thought that I might want to have any sort of meaningful life was just silly and irrelevant; the bald self portraits I did after the bone marrow transplant I had to get rid of the amyloidosis that caused all the trouble in the first place--this became my subject matter for awhile.

I also did a lot of reading about kidneys and the history of treatments for kidney disease. Any of you who saw the mixed media pieces on my video on this website a few years ago know how disturbing it was to realize how very recent was the time when I would have been just left to die. You also know that, after many years of dialysis, I got a kidney transplant in November of 2019. When the pandemic came along, my life was just starting to get back to normal.

Now I'm more or less in a holding pattern, trying to figure out what to do next. I've been doing more woodcuts, and even some paintings--things I can do at home when the etching studio has been closed or when I haven't wanted to risk it with my weakened immune system. I guess I've done what I wanted to do with the kidney-related subject matter, so I've been moving on to other things. It'll be interesting to see what comes next.


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