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Anne Bernard Kearney

Etchings & aquatints

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art by somerville artist Anne  Bernard Kearney titled  On Island Cottage Beach
On Island Cottage Beach etching+aquatint 10 1/2x 6"1/4
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Artist's Statement

The subjects of my etchings are interiors, still lives, landscapes, and figures absorbed in a quiet activity. My etching are forms of witness to intimacy as much as to moments of solitude, reflection, and interiority. The figures I include depict my family and friends, and the scenes are situated in countries I have lived in (France, Ireland, New England) or visited like Greece or India. I am sensitive to the appeal of figures in a landscape, to the interactions between that figure and their surroundings, as well as to other figures (if the subject is not alone). My landscapes, whether figurative or abstract, are the expression of an emotion caused by what I see, but also informed by memory, and personal history. Sometimes, I make etchings after works of great artists whose images I have looked at again and again -- another way for me to explore intimacy and influence.

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