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Christine Edel


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art by somerville artist Christine  Edel titled  Awakening of Spring
Awakening of Spring Acrylic

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Artist's Statement

As an artist I'm drawn to the world between worlds. I seek to delve into the realm between being awake and dreaming, this magical dreamlike state just before the rising of a new day. It is my intention to create an atmosphere of mystery and magic in my paintings, finding new depths and truth beyond the known world, discovering a world of my own - dreamscapes and landscapes of the soul.

Having grown up as a farm girl in the middle of Europe, close to the earth and in rhythm  with its seasons, the stillness, wildness, the healing essence of the natural world  around me is a theme I love to explore. My art work is personal, forged from childhood memories, emotions, experiences of pain, loss and  growth and a deep connection to nature and its beauty.

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