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Julia Tenney

Pysanky, Coffee Mandalas, etc.


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art by somerville artistJuliaTenney titled2023 F*** Cancer Eggs
2023 F*** Cancer Eggs batik dye on eggs. 2"x3"
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Events 2024

  • Studio Not Open For SOS  2024

  • Volunteer Small Works Show
    (April 12 - May 20, 2024)
    Forge Baking Company, 626 Somerville Ave. (Map #E3)

Artist's Statement

My most popular work is repetitive design that allows for meditative "flow", such as Pysanky ("Ukrainian Eggs") or Mandalas made with coffee.
Eggs and coffee? I must like brunch!

I am not opening my space this year since (1) I miss visiting other artists, between (2) screenings at the Independent Film festival, and (3) most of my new work is (or will be) for sale at Sign of the Dove in Porter Square. 

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