Welcome to Topia world!

Digital Bloom  

A “surreal garden”* — an illusionary space filled with “virtual flowers”* in celebration of spring and rebirth.
*exhibit virtual space

Thank you for the art submissions to our reception in Topia.
The opening is on April 29, 2021, from 6-9 pm.

Topia is a virtual world, where visitors and artists (using avatars) can meet and chat while listening to music or looking at art. Click to learn more.

You will need the Chrome browser to attend. Download Google Chrome – it only takes a minute to download and you don’t need to have a Google account to use it. Once we have confirmed the log in details, we’ll send out an email and post the information here.

This is a party! Once you appear in the space, walk around to see who’s there and what the space looks like. Wander around and enjoy yourself.

Topia tips

  • It’s a videoconferencing site with a spatial aspect that allows you to move around and join conversations by proximity.
  • Headphones aren’t required but they’re a good idea.
  • As you walk towards a group, the video and audio will fade in. As you walk away, it’ll fade out.
  • If more than 10 people gather together in one space, it gets a little glitchy and you may not be able to see everyone.
  • If your video hangs, try walking away from a group and back.
  • To navigate, use your arrow keys to move a short distances and click on a destination to walk somewhere far away.
  • To zoom in and out, use your browser’s zoom function (command or ctrl +/- , usually)
  • Turn off any adblockers or content blockers for the window you’re using.
  • You can’t turn off your own camera, but you can cover it. Do this if you’re stepping away from the party for a moment.
  • To leave, close the browser tab.