BoothCentral help pages

BoothCentral Vendor FAQs

Getting ready for BoothCentral

  • Take photos of your studio for your booth, or use photos of your work
  • If you want to include a short video, use the Artist Videos tips. You can use the same video for BoothCentral and YouTube, for maximum effect!
  • If you are going to livestream during the event, choose where you want to be and set up your background. If you can stream in your studio or surrounded by your work, that’s great!
  • Make sure you have a device (computer, tablet, or phone), a separate webcam if you need one, and a strong internet connection.
  • Choose the hours you’ll be available for video chats with visitors, if any.

Signing up with BoothCentral

The SOS Planning Committee is still finalizing details on signing up with BoothCentral. We will send email with details when they’re confirmed.

During the event / livestreaming tips

  • Just like the in-person SOS, visitors may request a video chat at any time, so be ready and available during the hours of the online event.
  • If you need to step away from your device for a moment, ask someone else in your household to sit in front of the camera and chat with your guests until you return.
  • Keep your streaming device connected to power so you don’t lose your connection in the middle of a chat!
  • Have your website or social media accounts open on your device so you can quickly paste the URL into the chat, if your visitor asks for it.
  • If you have interesting related information – websites or online videos on the art process or medium, for instance – keep those web addresses available too.
  • For your own records, keep a count of how many people visited your booth, especially if anyone shares their contact information. Follow up later!
  • Keep a beverage and snacks nearby so you stay hydrated and happy!

After the event

  • Celebrate! Livestreaming isn’t always easy, and you did it!
  • If you promised to follow up with any visitors about a sale or commission, send out a note within 24-48 hours. You don’t have to be finished with the work, but this first contact is important.
  • If anything about the experience stood out, jot it down – we’ll be asking for feedback on how the event went and how easy BoothCentral was to use.