2021 Online events

BoothCentral – SOS weekend, May 1 & 2

  • During SOS weekend, we will go live online at BoothCentral. On this platform, artists will have a permanent “booth” of images, videos, and links to their websites or online stores.
  • Artists can choose to be available for video chats with visitors during the event. Visitors can request a chat by clicking on a button in your booth.
  • Some artists will also livestream during the event. If you’re interested, sign up at the form here.
  • For more on how BoothCentral works and tips on participating, visit the SOS BoothCentral page.

Video Tours on YouTube

  • As in 2020, we invite artists to record video tours of their studio spaces or their artistic process. It is a simple way to replace that ‘in-person’ experience.
  • You can also use your video in your BoothCentral booth during the event!
  • You must be a registered SOS 2021 artist to participate.
  • Your video can be as simple or as complicated as you wish! Talk about your process, laugh into the camera, do a short and strange art video (with your artwork in it!), or all of the above. The purpose is to introduce yourself to the visitors.
  • Check out the Artist videos page for ideas for your personal interview, a simple tutorial on making a video, how and where to send your video, and other questions.
  • Submit the video to us at using any of the addresses on the Video Tips page.

Opening Reception at Topia

On April 29th at 6pm, SOS will be hosting an opening reception in Topia, a virtual gathering space.
For details and tips on using Topia, visit the Opening Reception page.