Heather Glista

refashioned, reversible, wool, eco-printed vest
Fiber + Textile Art
Refashioned Clothing

Media: Fiber + Textiles

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Artist Statement

I make one of a kind garments using refashioned clothes and textiles. For each piece, I use a combination of hand and machine sewing to balance durability and old-world charm. I comb thrift stores and flea markets for wool, cashmere, silk, rayon, cotton, and, when Iím lucky, vintage trims and buttons. My process is methodical and improvisational; the materials have as much say as I do.

Youíll find evidence of wear on some of my garments. These imperfections add to the unique character of each piece. A hole is an opportunity for embellishment. A flaw becomes a draw. Mass produced clothing is transformed into one of a kind treasures.