Chloe Wilwerding

The Four Emojis
[11" x 14"]
Reflections on religion

Media: Painting, Photography, Printmaking

Featured in Inside-OUT Gallery Show

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 21

MAP # 51
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

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Artist Statement

With his proclamation of Godís death, Nietzsche untethered man from his consistent source of sublimity, community, comfort, and awe. Whether Nietzscheís announcement caused or reflected Godís death, man now blindly gropes through the secularized world in an attempt to rediscover something transcendent. Chloe Wilwerding shares in this human pursuit of metaphysical comfort through her art practice, which functions as a devotional search for an alternative, immortal deity to inspire wonder, command belief, and explain humansí origins. Wilwerding primarily makes prints. Her prints playfully probe at how we collectively understand, portray and spread ideas about what we now hold sacred.

Wilwerding is originally from Nebraska, but now lives in Somerville.