Adam Adkison - Artist

Benton Library, Morning Light
oil on linen
[8" x 10"]
Poetry without words

Media: Drawing, Painting

Featured in Inside-OUT Gallery Show

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue   (accessible)

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Artist Statement

In art, all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper to create fantastic characters, wondrous worlds, places of beauty and amazement. As a kid I remember a large painting my grandmother had on her wall. In it, the lake shore curved behind the cabin and trees, and I wondered what could be behind the trees. Staring at this giant canvas I could imagine myself walking along the river to the lake, through the dappled sunlight, truly entering the painting. To create this sense of wonder, this was important in becoming an artist.

By drawing sketches, creating value maps, and other prep work, I am able to look at the painting from many viewpoints. I use linen canvas or wooden panels primed with oil ground, but I've been experimenting with heavy watercolor papers lately. When painting, I focus on the shapes that light creates. I work to keep the shadows transparent, as this lends depth to these darker areas.

In art I can explore the concept of characters, their purpose, and their relationship with everything else. When my art affects someone deeply, it removes all doubts, making everything worth it.