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Bekka Teerlink Wright

urban landscapes

Turned my Back On my Thoughts
Acrylic on Panel

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Studio Location

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street - 54
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Artist's Statement:
My current paintings are predominantly inspired what is around me- Somerville. But "inspired" sounds too high minded for where they come from. My paintings really start with anxieties I have as I walk around my neighborhood every day. I wonder if I like the changes I've seen, what came before and what my neighborhood will be come. I wonder if I belong in a city, and if I can continue to afford it, will I loose my apartment? Is there another place I would rather be? Somewhere else that I could thrive more? Am I too scared to make changes for myself? And is anything wonderful around me now doomed to fade away or be replaced by condos?


Charcoal on paper

Union Square Redevelopment
Acrylic on Panel

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