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Laurinda Bedingfield

Illuminated Abstracts

glow wire, acrylic paint and pen/crayon on Paper
32"X 24"X2"

Note: SOS 2020 has been canceled as an in-person event. Please check out our artists' profiles, associated social media, and the new SOS YouTube channel.

Studio Location

199C Highland Avenue
Social Media

Artist's Statement:
Using painting and collage my work attempts to create abstract narratives. In most case each piece employs humor and/or absurdity to some degree. I had a playful attitude towards the work for this exhibit. when in a playful mood, I can create a secure environment to experiment. I love to experiment and push boundaries. “It’s just a game” opens a world of possibility. Crazy ideas do not seem so crazy anymore. That is the approach I have taken in creating these works that relate to the theme of "Abstracting Social Media".


acrylic paint, oil stick and crayon on Yupo paper
32"X 24"X2"

acrylic paint and marking tools on heavyweight paper
20" X 16"

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