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Resa Blatman

Visual Artist

"Universal Sea," 2019
mixed-media installation
96h x 192w x 8d inches

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Studio Location

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street - ground floor, studio #110

Artist's Statement:

I work primarily with drawing, installation, and painting to offer the viewer a visual feast of imagination via the undulations and movement of the paint and the three-dimensional form. The ominous drawings, ambiguous installations, and lush paintings evolve through occurrences such as bird migration; rising tides and algae blooms; coral bleaching; etc, and their effect on — and transformation of — our landscape and natural resources, thereby providing the audience an opportunity to consider the overwhelming changes to our environment. To reflect this concept visually, the drawings feature stunning coral reefs on dark backgrounds or abandoned “ghost nets” ethereally drifting through the ocean waters. The installations are cut, poured, layered, painted, and constructed into swirling three-dimensional waterscape/universes with lacy, rippling patterns. They’re often littered with shapes that mimic coral, seaweed, arabesque motifs, and other elements as well. The paintings call attention to cold-weather animals trying to survive in hot, swampy environments; birds held captive by the sea with no solid place to land, and walls of ocean water swallowing the landscape. This melancholic, new reality is also reflected through a narrative of dramatic skies, invasive plants, and anxious, yet lovingly painted birds as stand-ins for humanity. 

While my work speaks to environmental concerns, it’s imperative that the viewer recognizes the underlying allure — the work traverses the future of an Earthly dystopia combined with the beautiful because beauty and regeneration reside even in the darkest expressions of society and nature.


"Universal Sea," (detail images)
mixed-media installation
96h x 192w x 8d inches

"Refugees" (and detail images), 2018
oil and acrylic on wood panels
triptych: 30h x 72w inches

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