Maggie MacMullin

Joyful observation-based artwork


Note: SOS 2020 has been canceled as an in-person event. Please check out our artists' profiles, associated social media, and the new SOS YouTube channel.

Studio Location

Artisan's Asylum
10 Tyler Street - 249

Artist's Statement:

My name is Maggie MacMullin, and I am an eager observer of my surroundings. Back in normal times, I often wandered Boston with sketchbook in hand, in search of great cups of coffee to enjoy while recording varying subjects around the city. Now I find myself creating more and more in a home studio space--sometimes from my car if I'm feeling adventurous--and working more frequently from photographs instead of life. Still, I enjoy celebrating the city of Boston through my art, and other smaller things that bring me joy. From fruit to factories, my goal is to paint and draw interpreted versions of what I see.

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