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Deborah Peeples

:Paintings and Assemblages

Scratching the Surface
Pigmented beeswax, canvas, and oil on panel
16" x 16"

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Studio Location

Central Street Studios
57 Central Street - 3rd Floor

Artist's Statement:

My abstract paintings explore space, distance, and perception through the natural translucent materials of beeswax and damar resin, which allow the creation of atmosphere as well as surface refinement, Pattern and structure mirror my struggle to find, or let go of, a sense of order and control. This is a language that traces my inner turbulence, exuberance, and complexity. The process of building, layering, and scraping to expose or obscure, reflects a sense of inspection and introspection, becoming method and metaphor for uncovering and connecting with my inner self. 

Through the layered and sensual slowness of my work, I explore questions about the intrinsic desire to be seen and valued, and assumptions made about how we fit in the world. 




The Wolves Laugh at Night
Pigmented beeswax and oil on panel
30" x 30"

Not 4gotten
Pigmented beeswax, oil, paper, objects and zipper on wood box
13.75" x 4" x 2"

Pigmented beeswax on panel
16" x 16"

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