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Brit Whitmore Weidel

Oil painter, draughtsman


Ink, Watercolor, Chalk
48"x 96"

Moth and Conch
Oil on canvas

Woman with Conch
Oil on canvas

33 Willard Avenue - 2
Artists' Statement:
Kindred to an archaeologist, whose hands quiver before the dexterous unearthing of a relic, I start each work with a sense of trepidation and adventure. No matter if the media is paint or pencil, I am always drawing into the image. I create symbolic animal drawings--of lionesses, of rhinoceroses, of ocean shells akin to their etched ancestors tucked away in prehistoric caves. I also work with the human form, through both full figures and portraits, to create a glimpse into a moment influenced by both intellect and emotional connection. Those glimpses may be the locking of eyes between two figures or the viewer peeking into a private space. Even a seemingly straightforward still life is a quest to absorb essence through direct observation and naturalistic color palettes. Using oils, watercolors, and inks, I encourage the alchemy of technique and ritual among layers of washes and marks. I sketch studies with curiosity, as if collecting specimens and treasure troves, which later get translated into paintings. In my work, an ancestral code of systematic tradition and classical practice comes out through the hands of a queer woman.

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