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Julie Peck

high-relief carved ceramics

Carved Bowl
Earthenware Clay
9"h x 13"w x 6"d

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Studio Location

Julie Peck Studio
21 Willow Avenue
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Artist's Statement:
My ceramic work is built with a dark brown earthenware clay. I love this clay for its color and its strength. I am able to build a wide variety of forms, with thick slabs and fat coils and then carve my imagery into the clay. The carving melds the surface decoration into the form of the piece. It is a play of 2 and 3 dimensional design unique to clay. Once the building is complete, each piece is hand-painted with glaze. I divide my time between studio work for local galleries, commission work, teaching at Mudflat Studios and leading MCC grant funded school based ceramic projects. Every month brings a different adventure in clay for me.


Earthenware Clay
7"h x 4"dia

In-Progress Kitchen Backsplash
Earthenware Clay
40"h x 36"w x 2"d

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