Lenni Armstrong

Design & Cartooning


Retro-reflective SafeWear
Fiber Arts

Lenni's Visual Journaling
Chalk pastel drawing

Upcycled Earrings
Recycled aluminum cans & fun foam

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Artists' Statement:
As you can see from my Somerville-based workshops, I wear many hats!

• Safe 'n Stylin: Hi-Vis SafeWear. (
• Visual Journaling Workshops. (
• Make Earrings & Pins. (


My most recent passion is for creating Hi-Vis SafeWear. Safety is key to people feeling comfortable using bicycles for transportation, especially when it’s dark. I design Hi-Vis SafeWear that increases the visibility of walkers and bicyclists in the street, keeping them safe and looking fabulous! Working on commission, I create custom SafeWear working with fluorescent and retro-reflective materials to create eye-catching designs.

I am keen on supporting sustainable lifestyles. As an educator, I designed animated interactives about climate change for high school students. As an activist, I co-organizes Depaving Parties for Somerville residents who want to transform their paved surfaces into raised green spaces, improving the Somerville ecosystem. 

As a visualization artist, I embody principles for conveying scientific information clearly, using narration and animation. My work has appeared in museums, apps and in web sites. I excel at conveying information about structures and events outside the range of human perception: from the nanoscale to the global scale, and from events occurring in a nanosecond to changes occurring over geological time.

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