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Adam Adkison - Artist

The Caution and the Wind

Dawnlight Through the Trees
oil on canvas
9" x 12"

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Artist's Statement:

Raised in a coal mining town in Wyoming, Adam grew up surrounded the austere beauty of the area.  Places like Adobetown, Castle Rock, and Boar’s Tusk were all within a short distance.


Adam’s work has been called a mixture of realism and impressionism.  He tends to steer away from his work feeling like a photograph, preferring to keep some brushstrokes visible.  He is attracted towards scenes of quiet beauty, finding peace and comfort in them. He works from real life as much as possible, finding that it gives the work more depth than working from a photograph.  


He uses oil paint mostly, as these consistently give the depth that Adam is looking for in his artwork.  However he also uses watercolor and gouache to create art, both as sketches and as full paintings. He also draws frequently, filling small sketchbooks with pen sketches and watercolor washes of people and places in his travels.  


Adam feels fortunate to be working as an artist.  To be able to share his work is a real gift to him, one he is continuously grateful for.  He feels fortunate to have a wife who is so supportive of him, and community that is so supportive of the arts.  One of Adam’s goals is the hope that his work will both inspire and invigorate. In this world of mass-produced-everything he is glad he has found a audience for his work as he continues to improve his art.


Bella at the Lake
oil on cotton canvas
24" x 36"

Jelly Doughnut
oil on canvas
11" x 14"

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