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Michael Raskin

Illlustrated Novels and Posters

NEWS, from The Last Drive By Movie
Poster from book illustration
28X20 Custom sizes available

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Studio Location

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street - Bay 5 Rear
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Artist's Statement:
My books and posters are inspired by woodcut novels from the nineteen twenties and thirties. These beautiful books told their their stories in pictures. The stories in my novels are more suited to words. So instead of carrying the story, the illustrations punctuate, emphasize, comment, joke, and decorate. Pictures can instantly set a mood and an attitude, serving as a platform for launching words. Telling stories in words and pictures feels natural to me.


LAST FARM from Last Drive By Movie
Poster from book illustration
18X28 Custom Sizes Available

BATTLESHIP from Warm Ocean Island
Poster from book illustration
Custom Sizes Available

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