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Kathe Gregory

Pencil-colored photos

Bent and Blue
Enhanced photograph
23" x 40"

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Studio Location

76 Berkeley Street
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Artist's Statement:

Sculpture, bright color, and wit capture my imagination.  As a child, I loved assembling complex structures with my erector set and drawing bright colored images with my myriad Crayola crayons. 


My earlier works are delicate abstract line drawings on two sides of architectural mylar. My recent pieces start with tiny reliefs assembled from street junk, then photographed at high resolution, greatly enlarged, printed, and further embellished with color and multi-dimensional layers.  Both styles which I will be showing at Somerville Open Studios, play with the illusion of space.  


Now in transition, exploring different materials and the mysterious interaction of color and form, I’m focused on creating actual three-dimensional sculpture that remind me of the erector set days -- Stay tuned…


Enhanced photograph
40" x 60"

Enhanced photograph
18" x 17"

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