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Minimalist eco-friendly jewelry


Minimalist hoop earrings and necklace
Sterling Silver

Minimalist eco-friendly hoop earrings
Recycled Sterling Silver

Minimalist eco-friendly hoop earrings
Sterling Silver

64 Endicott Avenue - #2
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Artists' Statement:
I want to live in a world where women support businesses that align with their values. A world where women think about the impact they have on the world, educate themselves about the companies they support, and make intentional purchases.

I believe that a beautiful piece of jewelry is more than accessory.
It can have meaning. It can connect you to a memory of a time or place, and the person who made it. 

I believe in the value in handmade items and the long-term value investing in high-quality jewelry meant to last, rather than buying what's cheap and trendy. That's why I make high-quality jewelry using recycled or reclaimed sterling silver as much as possible in my handcrafted jewelry designs.

Linkouture is minimalist eco-friendly jewelry for everyday wear. It's jewelry for women who care about surrounding themselves with items that have purpose and meaning.

There is beauty in owning something that was made by hand, and I take pride in each piece of jewelry I make. I am committed to making jewelry I can stand behind and make sure I am confident about each piece of jewelry before I send it out to its new owner.

I am committed to continuously educating myself on improving my jewelry-making techniques and processes to be even more environmentally friendly. In addition to using mostly recycled precious metals in my designs, I strive to ensure that other aspects of my business are green. I collect and recycle extra bits of metal and use eco-friendly packaging.

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