Mark J. Stock

Computational digital art


Julia Set 1/50
3D print

Chaotic Escape #2
Digital computational print

CF11 1179
Digital computaional print

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Artists' Statement:
My work involves still, video, real-time, and interactive installations with seamless interfaces featuring highly dynamic, detail-rich imagery. I eschew an over-reliance on hyper-realistic rendering in favor of detailed and convincing movements and inter-relationships. I am intrigued by the ability of decentralized collections of subjects to, when set in motion, self-organize into complex structures whose ensemble motion is greater than the sum of their original parts and which belie the simplicity of their algorithms. Themes present in my work include: emerging system dynamics, environmental adaptation, the concept of fluid as both material and motion, self-organized criticality of non-linear systems, tension between humanity and the natural world, and computation as a mediator between natural and virtual realities.

Many of my influences are artists and scientists who have bridged the gap between those disciplines: Da Vinci and Vermeer from the pre-computer eras, surrealists Tanguy and Dali, early algorithmic artists such as Verostko, Hebert, Mohr, and Lewitt, scientists Bak, Barabasi, Mattheck, and Wolfram, computational artists Heller and Levin, VR artist Simon Penny, and the aesthetics and algorithms from computational physics.

My work relies on current, high-performance computer hardware, novel sensing and interface devices, either UHD screens or virtual reality headsets, and my own specialized, highly-computational code which performs teraflops of work behind the scenes and allows for a smooth, seamless interface to the work.

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