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Steven Cabral



acrylic on canvas
48 x 48

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Studio Location

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street - #107
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Artist's Statement:

My paintings investigate the psychology of painting through an exploration of hard edges, soft edges, geometric and organic shapes, and color experimentation to form new meanings.  The awareness of inner dialogue has strengthened my working process, allowing for a chain reaction of thoughts and ideas focused on mark-making to form the composition. This listening process clarifies painterly space, including the risks I need to take to break the visual grammar by using thin and thick paint, shapes, and colors. The elements explore how light and dark creates a sense of mystery, mysticism, depth, and risk. I explore and layer a new palette of contemporary hues, and allow my past geometric abstractions to take on more flowing, painterly, and undefined shapes. Combining the freehand production of geometric shapes of squares, circles, triangles, and lines with undefinable biomorphic shapes has led me to a more focused desire to construct an aesthetic that creates challenging and unconventional viewing experiences for the viewers.


Watercolor and flashe on paper
22 x 30


acrylic on canvas
38 x 38

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