Maria Photinakis

Comics, illustrations, paintings


acrylic on canvas
16 x 20

Constantina 3 months
Oil, chalk and marker on canvas
18 x 24


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Artists' Statement:
Maria Photinakis is a painter and illustrator exploring fictional, abstract and autobiographical narratives. Her paintings are primarily in oil, and illustrations in ink or made digitally. She is an SOS alumna and previously kept a studio in Mad Oyster Studios in Somerville. She is currently based out of her home studio in Waltham.

Personal statement: I grew up in a big Greek-American community and was mesmerized by the Byzantine iconography that surrounded me in my culture’s traditions. These icons were heavily visually stylized and designed to convey story and meaning without depending on text. The visual narratives and conventions of those icons still influence my work today. As I went through school, I also devoted a great deal of my studies French language and culture, as well as Japanese language and traditional puppet theater (bunraku).

Common themes throughout much of my work relate to identity, transition, and how we choose to self-define.

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