Kathleen Hogan Knisely

wool rug hooking




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Artists' Statement:
I make hooked rugs of 100% wool, from recycled wool garments supplemented with new wool. I hand dye and over-dye the wools to obtain a variety of colors and textures. The wool is cut into long narrow ribbons that are pulled through a linen backing stretched on a frame, in loops with a hook similar to a stout crochet hook. I think of each loop as a pixel in the images that result.

Kits and patterns are widely available, but I prefer to design my own patterns of images that have personal meaning to me. My "Boston 2013" rug was in part a statment of my love of cities, in a craft that is traditionally emphasizes rural themes.

My current project, tentatively "The Last Cod", features a school of codfish swimming from a net. I am troubled by the cascade of disappearing species, with a heightened awareness from working with Gloucester fishermen when I was an urban planner.

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