Chandra Hellweg-Gillespie

Hand-Pressed Block Prints


La Novia
Acrylic on canvas

Young Woman Turns Away 1:9/20
Ink on rag paper

Acrylic on canvas

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Artists' Statement:
Chandra is an admirer of art as personal expression and dialogue. She strives for art that sparks active thought, as opposed to passive consumption. To that end, she values an aesthetic of complicated simplicity, wherein apparently simple design and composition harbor levels of complexity upon longer observation. On a purely visceral level, itÂ’s all about color, process, and dirty hands. Her passion lies in the act of art; the end result is a happy byproduct.

Currently docked in Greater Boston, Chandra hails from many harbors. Always ready to set sail and explore, she refuses to be constrained to either one medium or style. Her online portfolio at contains a portion of her professional body of work that is available for sale either as originals or archival prints.

You can follow the latest news on her art through Facebook:

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