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Marja Lianko

birches, bark & beyond

Formula # B3
acrylic, mix. media on panel
8"x8"x1 1/2"

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Studio Location

Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street - 86

Artist's Statement:
Through the years there have been many changes in my artwork, from abstract color fields and geometric constructions to personal symbolism and invented landscapes. I have painted large and small scale, printed silkscreens and mono prints and used a multitude of materials for my mixed media sculptures. The continuous search often leads me to new discoveries and unexpected results. I BIOGRAPHY Marja's work has been shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, the Fogg Museum, the De Cordova Museum, the Fuller Museum, The Rose Museum, the Duxbury Art Complex Museum, the Boise Art Museum and the Nicolaysen Museum. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Fogg Museum, the De Cordova Museum and numerous hospitals and corporations. Marja has received grants and fellowships from The New England Foundation for the Arts, the Artists Foundation, Ballinglen Arts Foundation and the Mellon Foundation.


Fences # 5
acrylic, mesh on panel

Lost in the woods
birch, acrylic, plaster, mix. media

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