Kitt Shaffer

Bridge view from Paquachuck, 2016
pastel on textured paper
[12 by 8 inches]
landscapes and ceramics

Media: Drawing, Painting, Pottery

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Artist Statement

I am interested in representations of landscapes in many media, as well as functional and sculptural ceramics. I base some of my paintings in oil on my drawings. I work mainly in pastel, colored pencil and watercolor, and combinations of all three. Many of my drawings are small in format, and are taken from the beautiful scenery of my second home in Calabria in Southern Italy. I hope to offer a painting course in the future in this gorgeous and undiscovered region. You can also see examples of my work on my website:, including a link to various practical products adorned with images of original art. These include calendars, iPad and iPhone covers, handbags and other useful things. The URL is