Gretchen Ann Graham

Strength. June 2016.
Archival silver gelatin print
[11 X 14]
B&W darkroom film photography

Media: Photography

Washington Street Studios
321 Washington Street 4

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Artist Statement

I seek to communicate the essence of Place in my work; and to give viewers their own “decisive moment”. I began photographing at the age of 16, and after pouring over a Christmas gift, Ken Heyman’s “All the World’s Family,” in 1983, I knew my camera would never be far from me! I work primarily in 35mm format using silver-based film, developing my film and making my prints in a wet darkroom. Since 2011 I’ve included my cell phone—currently a Galaxy S4—as part of my tools. Beginning with the writing and photography programs at Wesleyan University’s Center for Creative Youth in high school, I continued to take formal classes in photography and darkroom technique throughout college. Upon graduating from New England College (NH) I moved to Washington, DC where I assisted a studio photographer for three years, gaining experience in studio and darkroom management, and lighting technique. I have been an active and exhibiting photographer-member of Washington Street studios/art collaborative since 2008. As a member of The Art Connection Boston, I have photographs placed at TILL (Toward Independent Living & Learning) in Watertown, MA, Roxbury Community College, Bridgewater State University, and the Eliot Community Human Services in Malden. I exhibited in TEDxSomerville in 2012, and was an active SOS volunteer from 2012–2017.