Ariel Basson Freiberg

Binta and Scissors
oil and glitter on linen
[58"h x 48"w]
Figurative painting + censorship

Media: Drawing, Installation, Painting

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 37

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Artist Statement

I'm interested in the psychosexual body engaged with acts of self-censorship, all inspired from personal experiences. Itís a conundrum to carry ones feminine sexuality and willfully censor it and mask it with the gesture of paint. With the gestures, I see the physicality of paint colliding with the body demanding immediacy and urgency from the viewer. The gestures act as an ideogram, both a composite of an idea and a will. Bodies are grounded in artifacts yet erased when faced with the whiplash of history. My familyís lost Iraqi history is illuminated and found in physical materials to reclaim voice.