Jane Sherrill

Acrylic on wood panel and yupo
[24" X 18.5]
trees, swimmers, seascapes

Media: Mixed-Media, Painting, Sculpture

Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street 80

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Artist Statement

All of my artwork is about energy, movement and change. I'm interested in how opposites exist simultaneously—how we live with inconsistencies. I think of my task as documenting the wondrous with paint and brush.

In 2010 I embarked on a multi-year project celebrating the beauty of our world in paint. My interest is not in the extremes but in the everyday—what we naturally pass and often ignore as we move through our lives. I photograph environments that interest me and use my photographs to inspire paintings using acrylics mainly on wood panels and yupo (an archival plastic "paper").

Recently I've become enamored by the bark of trees around my studio in Somerville MA. Many of our New England trees are covered in lichen and moss which glow with extreme color when wet and that has become my latest subject. I'm also interested in the fissures in bark, vines and fungus that trees feed.

In the last few months I've begun creating a forest of trees that rise to about 8 feet. To "grow" this forest I work with a mixture of media including acrylics on wood panel and yupo, adding real branches and other non-traditional materials. I've been thinking of the tree as a form of Noah's Ark because it carries and sustains so many life forms, including our own.