Bruce Myren Studio

170 Market Hill Road
[24 x 30 inches]
Landscape, Place, & Experience

Media: Photography

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 2nd Floor #9

MAP # 49
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

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Artist Statement

My work investigates issues of place and space and boundaries and borders through the exploration and employment of various locative systems. I am most interested in how macro systems relate to micro experiences of land and landscape. My recent series include an investigation of the Fortieth Parallel of latitude; a study of the poet Robert Francisís one-person house in the woods of Amherst, Massachusetts; and a piece that documents the view from every place I have lived to where I live now.

I am fascinated with location-based systems and my work engages the nature of how humans measure the world. I often use or create rules to govern the location or approach in order to make a series of photographs. This method stems from my interest in maps and mapping, historical photographic surveys, and conceptually-based art practices. It is through these influences that I started to see and make pictures: by measuring, coordinating, and locating myself within the world. Currently my work has been progressing from more universally recognized ideas of place towards more personal re-presentations.