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2018 Artist Directory

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-  Fake Aram FakeComjean

22 Bailey Street
my short description Open
-  Alicia Fessenden
Arts at the Armory

191 Highland Avenue
Wheel thrown pottery
-  Filomena Demarco Jewelry
Bow Market

1 Bow Market Way
sterling silver and jewelry Open
-  Miranda Harter
Fine Forms

257 Highland Avenue
Handmade Jewelry and Accessories
-  Kathleen Finlay
Vernon Street Studios

6 Vernon Street
Mixed media sculpture
-  Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer
Mad Oyster Studios

2 Bradley Street
mixed media paintings
-  Martha Forsyth
14 Gussie Terrace
Handmade jewelry & hula hoops Open
-  Cara Foster Karim
29 Teele Avenue
Newspaper collage
-  Frances Fusaro Designs
Vernon Street Studios

6 Vernon Street
Photography & Design
-  Martha Friend
135 Highland Avenue
assemblage, found object art
-  Jennifer Fuchel
Vernon Street Studios

20 Vernon Street
varied, nature based
-  Fulchizzle
Milk Row Studios

438R Somerville Avenue
Trash bag art
-  Jeff Fullerton
23 Josephine Avenue
Night and Long Exposure Photos
-  J. Furtado
Quincy Street Studios

40 Quincy Street
Paint paint paint!
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