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Somerville Open Studios Events

Upcoming Artist Events -- SOS 2015

S4: Second SOS Summer Social

Join SOS 2015 coordinator Ellien Laramee-Byers and other SOS artists and volunteers for our second informal summer social. Due to circumstances it is being rescheduled. Details to be announced soon.

For a complete calendar view visit the Artist's Calendar

Past Events -- SOS 2014

Free Artists Marketing Workshop Series

Presented by arts marketing specialist Jesa Damora of FunnelCake Marketing

All talks are free, created especially for SOS, and open to visual artists who live or maintain a studio in Somerville. Jesa was SOS Marketing Coordinator for 2013.

Marketing I: Why Participate in SOS? - Wed., Jan 15 2014 (7-9 pm) at Brickbottom

Marketing II: Engaging the Public - Sun., Feb 16 2014 (5-7 pm) at Mudflat

Marketing III: Attracting VIP Visitors - Thurs., Mar 13 2014 (7-9 pm) at Nave Gallery

Marketing IV: Exhibiting as a Function of Marketing - Sat., Apr 12 2014 (4-6 pm) at Artisan's Asylum